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The CodeVisionAVR compiler features an universal library that allows implementing a Bootloader in a matter of minutes using the CodeWizard.
All the AVR chips that have a boot section are supported, including the XMEGA, AVR8X, AVR DA and AVR DB chips.
Integrated Development Environment for the 8-bit Microchip AVR, AVR8X, AVR DA, AVR DB, AVR DD, AVR EA and XMEGA Microcontrollers
Besides the standard C libraries, the CodeVisionAVR compiler features a rich set of libraries designed to fulfil all the needs of the embedded systems programmer.
The CodeVisionAVR libraries are not GPL-ed, therefore you are not obliged to publish the source code of your commercial application or pay us royalties for their commercial usage.
The Bootloader allows programming both chip's FLASH and EEPROM, with verification.
The communication in the Bootloader library is performed using the standard C I/O functions putchar and getchar, which can use the on-chip USART or a virtual CDC serial port for chips with USB.

For this purpose the CodeVisionAVR IDE and its Microchip Studio extension features an Uploader:
All data transferred to the Bootloader is CRC checked to ensure its integrity.