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Integrated Development Environment for the 8-bit Microchip AVR, AVR8X, AVR DA, AVR DB, AVR DD, AVR EA and XMEGA Microcontrollers
Besides the standard C libraries, the CodeVisionAVR compiler features a rich set of libraries designed to fulfil all the needs of the embedded systems programmer.
The CodeVisionAVR libraries are not GPL-ed, therefore you are not obliged to publish the source code of your commercial application or pay us royalties for their commercial usage.
The Resistive Touchscreen library uses the ADS7843 and ADS7846 (XPT2046) industry standard controllers from Texas Instruments.
The library features special functions for calibration and noise filtering, ensuring a reliable operation of the touchscreen.
The controller connections can be allocated, directly from the CodeVisionAVR IDE, to any bit of any I/O port in any order, providing maximal flexibility for the designer.
The CodeVisionAVR compiler is supplied with libraries for Capacitive and Resistive Touchscreen controllers, both 8-bit AVR and XMEGA chips being supported.
The Capacitive Touchscreen library handles the FocalTech Systems FT5206, FT5306 and FT5406 controllers, connected using the Two Wire (I2C) Interface.